The district is irregular in shape but fairly compact. It forms a part of the lucknow Division and lies between Latitude 25° 49′ North and 26° 36′ North and Longitude 100° 41′ East and 81° 34′ East. On the North it is bounded by tehsil mohanlal ganj of district Lucknow and tehsil haider gargh of district Barabanki, on the east by tehsil Mussafir Khana of district Sultanpur and on the south east by pargana Ateha and the Kunda tehsil of district Pratap Gargh. The southern boundary is formed by the Ganga which separates it from the district of Fateh pur. On the west lies the purwa tehsil of district Unnao.


Acoording to the 1991 census the area of the district was 4,609 sq. km. The area is liable to vary every year by reason of the action of the Ganga, for a small variation in the deep stream of the river makes a very noticable change in the area of the district, which occupies the thirty fourth place in size among the districts of the State


The district,as a whole, is fairly compact tract of gently undulating land. The elevation varies from about 120.4 m. above sea level in the north west to 86.9 m. above sea level in the extereme south east, on the banks of the Ganga. The hightest points are the crowns of the watersheds of the different drainage channel which serve to divide the district into five main physical units, The ganga Khadar, the ganag upland, the southern clay tract, the central tract or the sai upland and the Northern clay tarct


The district is drainned by the ganga, the sai and their tributeries althrough some of them join the main straem after passing the confines of the district


The ganga, which is the only river of any magnitude in the district touches it near the villages of Gadumau in the extereme west of pargana Sareni in the tehsil Dalmau and, forming the southern boundary of the district, runs south east as far as village Barua


This is large stream which rises in the district of Unnao and enters Raebareli near Semari in the west of pargana Khiroon. CHOB This stream rises on the southern side of the Itaura Bujurg watershed


This is a small stream which rises in the swamps of pargana Dalmau near Aihar. It runs southward in the tortuous course for several killometers to the west of dalmau


This river, which is a teritory of the Gomti, rises in the Hardoi district and for a considerable portion of its course separates the districts of Lucknow and Unnao. Bending south and passing to the west of the town of Raebareli, it turns east, striking the southern border of the old catonment in the city. It passes out Raebareli at village kanhpur in pargana Salon. The total course of the river in the district is about 100 length. The banks of sai are and in many places precipitous


This stream rises in the north east of village Johwa sarkiin tehsil Raebareli, near the southern boundary of pargana Bachhrawan.

This stream rises in the jhil tract of pargana Kumharawn in the north of the district and takes a winding course generally in the southerly direction.

This stream, also known as only naiya, Rises on the confines of the Mohanlal ganj and Rokha jais pargana & flows south past the village of Nasirabad, after which it is named.

This steram takes it origin in a series of swamps in pargana Khiron. Like the other streams, it is dry during the hot weather, but in the rainy season it assumes rather formidable proportion.

It is small stream which has its origin in the lakes in the south of pargana Maurawan in the district Unnao.

In northern part of the district there is a small stream known asthe Semrauta Naiya, a teritory of the Gomti. It forms the boundary between parganasamrauta on the west and pargana Inhauna on the east.

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